Sonya's Soul Food makes the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.
We combine over 20 years experience in Marketing, Creative Services, Health & Wellness, Event Planning and Business Management.

We are a small team of passionate souls looking to support the innovators, disruptors, creative thinkers and new business pioneers. We love what we do and we love supporting companies that genuinely want to change the world. Whether you need Virtual Support Services, Small Business Coaching, or an Event Planner for your next live function, we are here to help you.


Featured Posts on our Blog

How to build a killer Social Media Strategy

Sep 25, 2016 | No Comments
How to build a killer Social Media Strategy

I love social media. I love the algorithms and the changes that happen unexpectedly. Social media is exciting and fast paced but for many it can be overwhelming and daunting. Probably THE MOST common area of business my clients want to improve is their social media.  I have put together a list of my top […]

How to automate your #Hashtags for Instagram

Sep 19, 2016 | No Comments
How to automate your #Hashtags for Instagram

I recently attended the 2016 ProBlogger event on the Gold Coast and during one of the sessions,  Melissa Smith from @lissletters shared this great little productivity hack to automate your Hashtags for Instagram. I have since shared this with almost everyone I know because this is Genius! But first some background context. Did you notice […]

The Power of Good Storytelling with Lucy Perry CEO

Sep 13, 2016 | No Comments
The Power of Good Storytelling with Lucy Perry CEO

Friday 2nd September was the very first #likeaBOSS16 conference hosted by Sunrise Cambodia and their CEO, Lucy Perry. I first saw Lucy speak at an event in 2015 and I was mesmerized. At that particular event, she walked out on stage in a leather jacket, jeans and proceeded to booty shake for the entire audience before […]

Hi, I'm Sonya!

Sonya ForrestNicknames: Sonya, Sone, Sonny, Sonic

A bit about me: Before launching Sonya’s Soul Foods I worked in the creative industry as a Designer, Project Manager, Operations Manager and eventually business Director. During that time I also spent years studying and training in various areas of health and wellness. Sonya’s Soul Foods is the merging of my strong business savvy, creative thinking, and drive to help make the world a better place.

I am a huge advocate of creative collaboration and get super excited when dreams are actualized. You will find me to be super passionate, enthusiastic, hard working and I am a natural problem solver and creative thinker.

Something different: I have been riding scooters and motorcycles for over 10 years so you can call me “Princess Badass”. I love adventure, travel, reading, writing, illustrating, creating and spending time with my 2 rescue dogs and amazing fiance, Adin.

What I love: My Man, almost all areas of Health & Wellness, Health Coaching (qualified), Energy Healing, Running, Yoga, and my 2 rescue Greyhounds Charlie & Betty.