How to automate your #Hashtags for Instagram

How to automate hashtags for Instagram

I recently attended the 2016 ProBlogger event on the Gold Coast and during one of the sessions,  Melissa Smith from @lissletters shared this great little productivity hack to automate your Hashtags for Instagram. I have since shared this with almost everyone I know because this is Genius!

But first some background context.

Did you notice that before your hashtags in Instagram would autofill based on what you had previously used?

And have you noticed that this no longer happens?

As frustrating as this is, it’s nothing we can fix and was a result of the most recent App upgrade. Although Instagram is aware of the change, they have made no comments as to whether this was intentional or if they plan to resolve it.

For people who like to utilise hashtags to connect with communities within Instagram, you are now forced to note down your hashtags and cut and paste them each time, or manually type them.

Not. Anymore!

How to Automate Your Hashtags in Instagram (for iPhone)


Go to Settings > General

Go to Keyboard

Go to Text Replacements

Click the + button

In the Phrase field, add all the hashtags you would like linked to a shortcut key. For example, you may choose to group hashtags alphabetically, or group them by content. I group anything to do with entrepreneurship under #e. Separate each hashtag with a space and then in the Shortcut field type in your shortcut. I recommend using # before it.

In Instagram, type your shortcut key and then using space so it auto fills. All your hashtags which you just linked to the shortcut key (eg: #e) will now load in automatically.

Below is a screenshot of each step.


You have up to 30 hashtags in Instagram on any image so load up your short cut keys and never lose time trying to remember your most effective hashtags ever again!

Enjoy ~

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