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  • Do you feel too ‘in’ your business?
  • Are you spending too much of your time completing the same tasks over and over?
  • Are you struggling to find the right kind of resources for your team?
  • Are you lacking robust systems and processes that can support the growth of your business?
  • Do you have key person dependency in your business?
  • Do you lose precious time coordinating activities across a remote working team?
  • Do you want the confidence and SPACE to envision your next goal knowing your business is humming smoothly in the background?

This list shares THE MOST common challenges our clients experience and the great news is, we can help!

Introducing the Soul Foods Virtual Support Team!

Our Soul Foods Virtual Support Team offer a wide range of high-end virtual services built on over 20 years experience in marketing & creative services.

We are passionate, we are really good at what we do,  and we want to share our skills and knowledge so you can achieve your business goals!

Supporting the growth of small businesses who are disrupting the world is SUPER exciting for us, so we have made sure we can cover all your virtual business needs. But first, let me introduce the team members.

Sonya Forrest – Founder
Speciality: Digital Marketing, Creative Services, Business Management & Team Leadership.


Hello, I’m Sonya and I make up one-half of the Soul Food Virtual Support team.  I will be your key touch point for the duration of our partnership. I combine graphic design and visual communication skills with solid business savvy and a wholehearted approach. I have worked in all areas of media and advertising, PLUS I have an energetic and enthusiastic style. I get SUPER jazzed working with clients who are shaking up industries and disrupting the norm. If I can help you change the world for the better, then I am one happy girl!

Adin Alihodzic – Co-Founder
Speciality: Growth Hacking, Data Analytics, Customer Insights, CRM Management, New Technology & SEO.

Adin VA Central

Next, we have Adin – our Soul Food Virtual Support co-founder and your personal data analyst tech-whizz superhero. Heard of “growth hacking”?  He is the man!

Adin combines a creative entrepreneurial mindset with KILLER technical skills. At Soul Foods, Adin covers all your data analytics, database management, eDM development, and technology integrations – he is the man behind the scene.

Click each link to see our full range of services and skills:

julie feilen“Sonya has proven to be an incredible leader, loyal mentor and a creative, talented woman to work alongside with. Always supportive, uplifting, and directive with her communication skills, she brought me so much motivation to thinking big and making forward strides with my work. She was in tune with staff on everyone’s workload, yet she was willing to jump in at a moment’s notice to help out. There was a delicate balance to her leadership: A strong encouragement, but with a true sense of professionalism and compassion. Having worked in small businesses, large advertising agencies and corporations, Sonya has the key elements of a successful team leader. I’m very grateful to have worked with her!” Julie Feilen – Virtual Assistance & Production Manager

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